"I’ve known Rich Corridon for almost 10 years. I can say he is one of top 3 data processing experts I have worked with. Any job that is complicated, or has multiple languages, multiple countries, or involves ad-hoc/mining of data is so much easier when ExperTabs works on it. I find that ExperTabs provides great value because the project is completed on-time, on-budget, and correct on the first try. Rich can deliver on this because he understands market research and speaks the researcher’s language as well as the programmer’s language. I recommend Rich to anyone in the market research community."
Jim Forrest
Senior Vice President – Brands and Insight

“I’ve partnered with ExperTabs over the last five years on dozens of research projects. When you need someone to produce data tabulations for an important quant project Rich at ExperTabs is my guy. He has unmatched industry experience that allows him to speak directly to me, the data collection agencies, and my clients to understand what we need and deliver a seamless, on-time, quality experience. Working with Rich is a pleasure. Complex grid tables? Not a problem. Code lists from hell? Seen worse. Funky stat testing? Already done. Special banner runs? No complaints. Please call me directly at 305-854-2121 x202 for a personal reference.”
John Holcombe
Insights Marketing Group

“Richie is one of the best DP professionals that I have worked with. He is smart and always provides top notch quality and service. Richie is very pleasant, easy to work with and his prices are fair. He understands data and can handle complex projects. I would be very comfortable to recommend Richie to anyone.”
Shaike Baklash
Data Group Manager
Synovate Los Angeles